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Landscape Design Services

The Design Process

Completed Design

A completed design features a plan-view with plant materials shown at their mature size.A completed design, at right, will show the specific location of all existing, transplanted and new plant materials at their mature diameter to illustrate how they'll fit together over time.

Plants will also be labeled with both their common and scientific name to avoid any confusion when garden center staff or landscape contractors bid on the installation of a design. And, along the right side of each design you'll find a detailed plant material list indicating the total number of each plant in the design, their mature size, ornamental features and specific instructions for their care (e.g., when to prune, cut back, divide, etc.).

Plant materials are labeled with both common and scientific names to avoid confusionYour design will also show the location, dimensions and/or specifications of all "hardscape" features including sidewalks, patios, decks, retaining walls, ponds, fences, etc., at left.

Ultimately, the intent of each design "product" is to bring together on a single page - or series of pages on large projects - all of the information needed to bring a project to life. If you'd like to see a full-sized example of one of my designs, click here to view as an Adobe .pdf file. (You will need software capable of viewing .pdf files installed on your computer. Also, the file is quite large, 1,022KB, and may take some time to download depending upon your Internet connection.)

Speaking of bringing a project to life, click on the "Design Implementation" link at right to see how we can do just that.