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Landscape Design Services

The Design Process

Design Proposal

Following our meeting, I'll review the notes, pictures and rough sketches that I made and combine them with an assessment of the materials you provide (a copy of your survey, architectural drawings, lists of favorite plants, etc.). As I review these pieces of data, a design strategy that addresses your concerns and desires while remaining within the constraints of the property's character and your budget will evolve.

Once I'm comfortable with the strategy, generally within a couple of weeks of our meeting, I'll prepare a written proposal for your consideration.

The first section of the proposal will address specific parts of your landscape, e.g., the front foundation of your home, the space surrounding your deck or patio, the property line running across the back of your property, etc. In this section, I'll reflect on the issues you expressed with regard to each part of your landscape, I'll provide a written explanation of how I plan to address the design issues associated with each area and I'll provide an estimate of my fee for preparing a design for each area. Breaking the proposal down in this manner will give you the choice of tackling the project one piece at a time, or moving forward with a comprehensive "master plan."

Once the details of the proposed design are outlined, the remainder of the proposal will address the specifics of our agreement including a delivery date and a request for a retainer (one-fourth to one-third of the total design fee depending upon the size and complexity of the project).

Upon receipt of the retainer, click on the "Design Development" link at right to see how I'll put your design together.