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Foundation Renovation

Only ten years after their installation the original plantings at this home required severe annual pruning to prevent them from blocking the walk to the front door. The original landscape plantings leading to the front door of this former “Parade of Homes” property had become overgrown less than ten years after their installation (photos at right and below, at right). In addition, all of the plantings were surrounded by egg-sized river cobbles laid over landscape fabric, resulting in a harsh, unappealing appearance to the home’s new owners (not to mention their young children enjoyed picking up the stones and throwing them out into the lawn, at the house and at each other!)

The egg-sized river cobbles over landscape fabric created a very sterile feel to the plantings. The cobbles and fabric were removed and replaced with double milled hardwood bark mulch.To address these concerns, all of the plant materials, cobbles and landscape fabric were removed to provide a clean slate for new plantings. Many of the original plants including burning bush, spirea, purpleleaf sandcherry and yews were transplanted to other parts of the five acre property where they’re now growing unimpeded to their mature size.

In their place, several thousand spring and summer-blooming perennials, ornamental grasses and low-maintenance shrubs were installed. While large in number, their mature size is more appropriate for the space available and therefore require relatively little maintenance on an annual basis - other than to be cut back in late winter (photos below, at right).

Replacements for the overgrown plant materials include a variety of mid-spring through summer-blooming perennials. Adjacent to the front walk these plants provide a distinctly English cottage garden effect.Also, a double-milled hardwood bark mulch was used as a mulch in place of the river cobbles, resulting in a more natural appearance. The mulch also allows the perennials to spread unimpeded to the point that there's now very little open ground during the growing season.

Many of the perennials installed in 1998 have been divided a number of times to provide transplants for new landscape beds throughout the property - as well as the family's summer lake home!In fact, the new plantings have done so well, they’ve been divided several times in order to establish new landscape beds in other parts of the property.