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Pools & Ponds

The owners of this property no longer needed a large lawn for games as their children were now grown. Instead, they wanted an outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing a and cooling off! For several years after moving into their Village of Skaneateles home, the owners were content to leave their large backyard open as a practice space for their soccer and lacrosse playing children (at right). However, after their graduation from high school, the couple wanted to make the backyard more conducive to entertaining - and cooling off during the heat of midsummer!

The product of the design process resulted in a formal, Pennsylvania bluestone patio for entertaining that leads to a free-form concrete swimming pool painted black and line with stone slabs to create a pond-like effect.My interpretation of their desires resulted in the design and installation of a free-form “gunnite” (i.e., concrete) swimming pool painted black, edged with large slabs of native limestone and surrounded by masses of meadow-like perennials and ornamental grasses to create a soft, “pond”-like setting (at right). Also, a curvilinear, 750 square foot Pennsylvania bluestone patio was added to provide additional outdoor space for entertaining and access to the swimming pool.

 To visually connect the swimming pool to the interior of the home, a waterfall and stream originating beneath a breakfast nook flows under a stone slab bridge toward the pool.Meanwhile, to visually "connect" the swimming pool to the interior of the home, a waterfall and stream was installed immediately below a breakfast nook window (at right). The stream, flowing under a stone slab bridge, leads the eye to a waterfall that spills into the swimming pool.

The destination of the stream described above is a three foot deep bog/pond that separates the swimming pool from the bluestone patio (at right). The intent of the pond is to provide additional separation of the swimming pool from the home while also adding additional seasonal color from hardy waterlilies, lotus, pickeralweed, cardinalflower and other aquatic and marginal plants.