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More than fifty species of trees, shrubs, perennials, spring-flowering bulbs and turfgrasses can be found in this residential landscape.It's not at all unusual for a residential landscape to contain more than 100 different plant species and several hundred to several thousand individual plants. And, if that's not impressive enough, a typical lawn may consist of well over 10 million individual grass plants! Of course, in an institutional or corporate campus setting, these numbers can be multiplied many times!

Therefore, it's easy to understand that every lawn and landscape represents a very complex ecosystem.

While these critters may look creepy, they're actually just-hatched ladybug larvae!This ecosystem includes not only every tree, shrub, herbaceous perennial, ornamental grass, spring-flowering bulb, potted annual, etc. - but also every possible insect, disease and weed that might effect their growth and development! Also effecting this ecosystem are numerous abiotic, or non-living factors including soil conditions, weather extremes, mechanical damage from lawn mowers and snow plows, and landscape installation and maintenance practices.

When something isn't growing well in the ecosystem you know as your lawn and landscape, I can help you determine what's wrong - and offer recommendations for correcting the problem.

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By the way, the creepy-looking critters in the picture above aren't harmful at all - they're just-hatched ladybug larvae (babies)! In fact, a favorite food of ladybug larvae and adults are plant-damaging aphids.