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Landscape Design Services

The Design Process

Design Implementation

Some clients have me set plants out, then they plant them.There are several ways in which my landscape designs are implemented.

Some clients simply purchase my design services and after we review the finished product, they proceed with the project on their own. Some will install the design on their own, while others will find a contractor to implement the design for them.

Other clients prefer that I remain involved to varying degrees as the project moves forward at my hourly consulting fee rate.

Some clients have me oversee the entire project from start to finish.For example, some clients have me outline planting bed(s) with spray paint, set potted plants in the spot where they're to be planted, and work with them side-by-side for an hour or so until they feel comfortable finishing the project on their own, above right.

On this project I helped the client choose a contractor and supervised installation of the project.Other clients prefer that I manage the entire project - from helping them choose contractors to install various components of a project (e.g., water features, patios, retaining walls, fences, lighting, lawn seeding, plant installation, etc.), to overseeing their work during installation, to walk-throughs with clients and contractors at the conclusion of a project, above left and at right.

The conclusion of this project results in a waterfall that appears to emerge out of the side of a hillside.Whatever your needs may be, I look forward to helping you "bring your landscape design to life!"