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Landscape Design Services

The Design Process

Design Development

Using a survey of your property and observations made during the initial site visit, the creation of a base plan is the first step in the creative process.The first step in creating your landscape design is developing a "base plan" of your property, at right. This plan will include all of the information from your survey (e.g., dimensions of your property, utility lines and right-of-ways, location and dimensions of other permanent features such as driveways, fences, etc.), your architectural drawings and other observations (e.g., location, size and species of existing trees and shrubs, etc.) I made during our meeting.

A series of conceptual diagrams are used to refine the design.Once the site details are documented, the creative process will kick into high gear as I'll lay a series of trace paper sheets over the base plan, at left, to sketch out specific site conditions (e.g., steep slopes, wet soils, deep shade, views to be screened, etc.), functions/uses (e.g., play areas, vegetable gardens, patios, walkways, etc.), and design alternatives.

Once I'm satisfied with design solutions developed in conceptual diagrams I transfer details to the final design.When I'm satisfied that I've addressed all of the needs and desires you've expressed - in a manner the conditions of your property will allow (e.g., if you express a need for color in a dry, shady corner of your backyard, I might meet that need by specifying masses of spring-flowering bulbs, summer-blooming hostas and liriope, and fall-blooming anemones that tolerate dry shade), I'll transfer information from my sketches onto the base plan, resulting in a "plan-view" landscape design for your property, above.

For a closer look at a completed design, click on the "Completed Design" link at right.