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Business Resources

Central New York brims with resources for businesses of all sizes.

There are, of course, local Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Administration offices and programs, and various development agencies/organizations. A number of less common resources for a community of our size are also available, including high tech incubators and manufacturing pilot plants.

A great deal of effort and soul-searching over the past several years has also gone into the development of a blueprint for our economic future, The Essential New York Initiative. This living document identifies those areas where the commitment of our resources are most likely to bear fruit - so to speak.

About ten thousand graduates from local universities and colleges are a valuable sourse of talent for Central New York businesses.However, the most valuable business resources here in Central New York are a deeply ingrained "can do" attitude, a willingness to take great risks, a well-educated and highly skilled workforce and possibly most importantly, more than 10,000 new graduates of our local vocational programs, colleges and universities every year that have literally bet their future on the educational and life experience opportunities that Central New York has to offer!

The combination of these ingredients has resulted in the creation of scores of both large and small "home-grown" businesses - just a very few of which are listed below.

This same combination of ingredients has the potential to lead to unimaginable opportunities based upon our historical strength as a regional hub of transportation and our extraordinary educational, medical, cultural, and environmental resources far into the future!

Abbott Farms - family-owned farm, orchard and roadside market.

Air Innovations - a leader in niche-market air conditioning and refrigeration products.

Boom Babies - vintage clothing.

Brannock Device Company, Inc. - the name probably doesn't ring a bell, but every time you buy a new pair of shoes, you may just put your foot into one of their foot-measuring devices!

In less than thirty years, CXtec has grown from a garage to a $100 million dollar business right here in Central New YorkCXtec - a classic started-in-the-garage company that's grown to more than $100 million in annual sales and 350 employees in less than thirty years right here in Central New York.

Hanford Pharmaceuticals - manufacturer of injectable antibiotics and compounds demanding advanced sterile production.

Plainville Farms, Inc. - the very best fresh turkeys and turkey products - anywhere!

Seneca Data - manufacturer of the Nexlink® brand of computer products for healthcare, education and SMB customers.

Sensis Corp. designs and builds sensors and information processing systems that are used worldwide.Sensis Corporation - developer and manufacturer of a broad array of sensors and information processing systems for air defense, air traffic control, airline and airport management and data distribution and communication.

Stickley Furniture - classic collector-quality furniture.

Tessy Plastics - industry-leading precision injection molding.

Welch Allyn - vertically integrated developer and manufacturer of imaging devices, precision lighting systems and medical diagnostic devices.

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