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Year in Review


Average High Temperature: 79.6F
Record High Temperature: 101F (the 14th, 2002)
Average Low Temperature: 58.8F
Record Low Temperature: 40F (the 31st, 1965)
Average Precipitation: 3.56" inches
Maximum Precipitation: 8.41" (1956)
Minimum Precipitation: 1.02" (1999)

Rain in August is often delivered by thunderstorms that also feature damaging winds. Absolutely starved for nice weather only 90 days ago, at least a few Central New York gardeners wilt during the dog days of August. I certainly do, and usually starting hoping for snow about the middle of the month!

As in July, August can certainly be dry. However, on average, we again receive the better part of four inches of rain over the course of the month (close to the one inch per week ideal). Unfortunately, it's not unusual for at least some of the rain to accompany damaging summer thunderstorms (at right, above).

One very important benefit of all the heat this month is that the soil in our lawns, gardens and landscape plantings really heats up, too. While this can be Sod farmers arrange their production schedules so that they can be ready to seed new fields at the very end of August.stressful on existing plants if they're not mulched and watered correctly, it also sets us up for an outstanding late summer/fall gardening season that, from a physiological standpoint, can be the very best time of year to start or renovate lawns, and establish new landscape plantings!

In fact, sod farms try to seed their new fields during the last week in August across upstate New York (at left, above).