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Year in Review


Average High Temperature: 33.5F
Record High Temperature: 79F (the 19th, 1981)
Average Low Temperature: 15.5F
Record Low Temperature: -26F (the 18th, 1979)
Average Precipitation: 2.12" inches
Maximum Precipitation: 5.38" (1951)
Minimum Precipitation: 0.63" (1987)
Average Snowfall: 20.1"
Record Snowfall: 72.6" (1958)
Least Snowfall: 5.7" (1999)

Stretches of mild weather in February offers an opportunity to finish pruning grapevines, fruit trees and raspberry patches.Finally, for the first time since August, the daily average high is on the rise, from 31F on the 1st and 2nd, to a relatively balmy 37F on the last day of the month! And, fortunately, we tend not to get the extreme fluctuations in temperature that are relatively common in December and January.

While you're not going to be planning any picnics this month, you can start to see some light at the end of the long winter tunnel. This especially good news as we're all beginning to suffer the effects of the dense cloud cover that's so common across Central New York from October into spring - thanks to the open water of Lake Ontario!

February often provides sufficient mild weather to get much of your winter pruning of fruit trees and grapevines finished. And, if you enjoy maple syrup, sugar bushes are often flowing at near peak during sunny days at the end of the month.

It's not too unusual for snowdrops and winter aconites to be blooming by the end of February.Out in your garden, it's not at all extraordinary to see the buttercup-yellow flowers of winter aconites mixing with the pure white flowers of snowdrops (at left) during the last week or so of the month! And, you can always bring some of your garden inside by forcing into bloom stems of forsythia, lilacs, crabapples and other early spring-flowering trees and shrubs.