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Year in Review


Average High Temperature: 47.4F
Record High Temperature: 81F (the 1st, 1950)
Average Low Temperature: 32F
Record Low Temperature: 5F (the 30th, 1976)
Average Precipitation: 3.77" inches
Maximum Precipitation: 6.79" (1972)
Minimum Precipitation: 1.25" (1978)
Average Snowfall: 10.7"
Record Snowfall: 34.9" (1995)

Don't stop mowing until your lawn stops growing - which could be the middle of November in some years!We occasionally have a relatively mild, completely snow-free November in the immediate Syracuse area. After all, the average high temperature on November 1st is a relatively balmy 53F. And, even on the 30th the average high temperature is still 41F.

That being the case, it's also not out of the question for your lawn to need one last mowing to keep grass blades from flopping over on one another - and to shred the last of the stubborn leaves from your (or your neighbor's) trees! (Click here to learn more about the benefits of mowing leaves into your lawn.)

Speaking of lawns, making one last application of "winterizer" fertilizer between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving is much better for your lawn than applying fertilizer between Easter and Memorial Day!