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Year in Review


Average High Temperature: 68.5F
Record High Temperature: 96F (the 21st, 1977)
Average Low Temperature: 45.8F
Record Low Temperature: 25F (the 7th, 1966)
Average Precipitation: 3.39" inches
Maximum Precipitation: 7.82" (2004)
Minimum Precipitation: 0.59" (2005)
Average Snowfall: 0.1"
Record Snowfall: 2.1" (1996)

Central New York greenhouses are packed to the roof with tarys, pots and hanging baskets overflowing with colorful annuals in early May!The average high temperature continues its climb throughout the month, from 63F on the 1st, to 73F on the 31st. More significant, however, is that by early May, average overnight low temperatures have risen above 40F. This means that it's time to visit your favorite greenhouses and garden centers as they'll be overflowing with colorful annuals, perennials and spring-flowering shrubs!

Also, with rising overnight temperatures and daytime temperatures consistently in the sixties, soil temperatures are now above 50F - which kicks the growth rate of most plant roots, and especially those of lawns, into overdrive!

This means that it'll be time to rev up your lawn mower and start mowing, and mowing, and mowing some more. In fact, mowing correctly throughout May (that is, cutting your lawn at a height of three inches and mowing whenever it reaches four inches tall), may mean mowing every third or fourth day!

Speaking of lawns, I don't recommend that you apply "weed 'n feed" products. It's either the best time to apply weed killers (herbicides), or the best time to apply fertilizer - and, the two times never overlap! The best time of year to apply lawn herbicides is in October, and the first application of lawn fertilizer shouldn't be made until Memorial Day weekend at the very end of May.