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Year in Review


Average High Temperature: 43.1F
Record High Temperature: 87F (the 30th, 1986)
Average Low Temperature: 24.2F
Record Low Temperature: -16F (the 4th, 1950)
Average Precipitation: 3.02" inches
Maximum Precipitation: 6.84" (1955)
Minimum Precipitation: 1.01" (1981)
Average Snowfall: 18.1"
Record Snowfall: 54.4" (1993)
Least Snowfall: 1.2" (1962)

Road salt and other debris can make for a real mess along the edges of Central New York lawns as the snow melts in March!The average high temperature leaps by more than ten degrees this month, from 37F on the 1st, to 49F on the 31st. And, while it's not out of the question to get a ten inch snowfall even at the end of the month, a low temperature of below zero hasn't been recorded in Syracuse after March 20th since at least 1949. In fact, it's more likely to have a day or two in the low 80's by the end of the month, than it is to have a day where temperatures plunge toward zero!

All of this good news comes together to lay a whopping dose of spring fever on almost all of us this month. So, we rush out onto our lawns and into our gardens to find . . . . . .  

Snow mold is often widespread in many lawns after prolonged snow cover in February and March.A real mess along the edges of our lawns where snow was piled all winter long (at right, above)! And, if there's been prolonged snowcover, snow mold may be widespread as the temperatures continue to warm through the end of the month, and we may find that rabbits and voles have taken a real bite out of the stems and trunks of trees and shrubs throughout or landscapes.

On a more pleasant note, by the end of the month, there can be almost a riot of color in your garden - if you've planted Lenten roses and early-blooming daffodils along with your crocus. Another great addition for early spring color can be a witchhazel, or two!