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Environmental Communication


Horticulture-Related Copy

I can help you tell your story through a variety of print media.I wish I could say that writing comes easy to me, but it often doesn't - even though I've done a lot of it through the years. (Does that opening line inspire confidence in my ability to help you with your next campaign?)

You could say that I started writing for a living more than twenty years ago while in graduate school (I received a stipend in return for doing research and writing about my results).

After graduate school, I started writing newsletters targeted at members of the "green" industry (including greenhouse growers, garden center operators, lawn care companies, landscape contractors and arborists) as part of my responsibilities as a Cooperative Extension agent with Cornell Cooperative Extension. I also started writing gardening columns for the general public in both daily and weekly newspapers.

And now that we're well into the 21st century, I continue to refine my writing skills for the web and other electronic publishing formats. Case in point, for better or worse I've written every word on every page of this website!

Examples of the types of content that I can develop for you include;

Fact Sheets (280KB .pdf file)

Newsletters (374KB .pdf file)

And, as I mentioned above, I can develop content for your website, too!

(Note - Adobe Acrobat Reader software required to read .pdf files can be download for free from www.adobe.com. To return to this page after viewing the fact sheet and newsletter examples, simply click on your browser's "back" button.)