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Leaves Aren't Trash


We need to realize that leaves aren't trash!All four seasons are spectacular here in Central New York. However, autumn can be especially brilliant when the sky is crystal clear, the air is cool and crisp, and colorful fall foliage is at its peak!

Ah yes, those leaves sure are pretty - but what a chore they are to keep them off your lawn and flower beds, right? And, it often seems like theyíll never stop dropping - with the last of them finally brought down by the first late autumn snowstorm!

Norway maple leaves are notorious for now dropping until very late in the fall and are often brought down by the first heavy snowfall.If you can relate to this, have I got good news for you. There really is no need to rake those leaves off your lawn, groundcover and perennial beds ever again!

Iím sure youíre already thinking that Iím crazy, right? After all, everyone knows that a thick layer of leaves will smother a lawn or a bed of groundcover. Actually, that isnít necessarily so?

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