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Your Tree May Be in Trouble If . . .

It's Not Pruned Correctly

When much of a trees canopy is lost, it's often best to remove the tree.Many trees are mere shells of their former selves after storm-damaged limbs are removed. Also, as in the case of the tree at right, it's become a hazard as the limbs at the very top of the tree will create a "sail" when leaved out, resulting in an increased chance that the top will blow out onto the adjacent home during a future storm.

Their recovery, however, often appears to be rapid as fast-growing “watersprouts” shoot out from incorrectly pruned branches, below left.

Sprouts emerging from severe pruning cuts after a storm are often susceptable to future damage.Unfortunately, these sprouts rarely develop into healthy branches because they’re weakly attached to the limbs from which they arise.

And, because they tend to grow in tightly packed clusters, below right, they often rub against each other creating open wounds. Some sprouts eventually grow together resulting in structurally weak seams of “imbedded” bark.

Ten years after pruning a storm-damaged limb, multiple sprouts are crowding one another.In other instances, trees may simply be pruned incorrectly, leaving large wounds that even an otherwise healthy, vigorously growing tree will cannot seal off/compartmentalize. Over time, decay becomes established in these wounds, resulting in potentially serious structural weakness.