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Your Tree May Be in Trouble If . . .

Decay or Cavities are Obvious

Because this tree was not growing vigorously, decay organisms where able to invade this pruning wound.Exposed areas of decayed wood are evidence that a tree’s protective layer of bark was damaged at some point in the past - often when the tree was under stress from dry, wet, hot, or cold weather, or the damage occurred at a time of year when the tree was not able to quickly seal off, or “compartmentalize” the damaged area, at right.

As decay expands, it can eventually threaten the overall health and structural integrity of a tree.

A vigorous tree can survive for many years if it can seal off cavities within its trunk or branches.However, if your tree is otherwise healthy and properly cared for it can live for many years even with relatively large cavities, left, because of its ability to seal off healthy wood from damaged wood through the process of  “compartmentalization.”