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Your Tree May Be in Trouble If . . .

Cording and Stakes Haven't Been Removed

If cording isn't cut at time of planting, it will eventually strangle the tree as it grows!It’s critically important to cut all cording, at right, and burlap holding a rootball together and push it to the bottom of the hole when planting a tree. Also, while they’re generally not needed but remain a standard practice, tree stakes and ties should be removed within a year after a tree is planted, below left.

Left in place for more than a year, guy wires will often strangle branches and trunks of young trees as they grow.Unfortunately, with surprising frequency, cording is never cut and stakes and associated guy wires are never removed.

As result, within just a few years, trunks and branches may be strangled and affected trees often begin to This tree is dying because the cording was never removed from around its trunk when it waas planted.decline - just as they should have been getting large enough to cast a little shade!