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Lawn and Garden Presentations

2007 CNY Blooms presentation on recommended plants.Over the years, I've given hundreds of presentations on a wide range of topics to garden clubs, civic and social organizations, home owners associations, and professional societies across Upstate New York. I've also done entire series of presentations for the Onondaga County Public Library system, Beaver Lake Nature Center, the Northern Onondaga Public Library system, the Syracuse University Office of Human Resources and other organizations.

Please find below descriptions of roughly one hour 35mm slide and/or PowerPoint presentations that I have prepared. If you don't find a topic that your group might be interested in, don't despair. Just give me a call or drop me an e-mail to see if we can develop a new presentation together as I always look forward to spending time with groups that share my passion for gardening!

Environmental Landscape Design

The phrase may be well-worn, but it's all about "putting the right plant in the right place." At the end of this presentation you'll have a better idea of what the "right place" is for all of your favorite plants.

Facts and Fallacies in Your Lawn, Landscape and Garden

Many practices in our lawns, landscapes and gardens are passed down from generation to generation, across backyard fences from neighbor to neighbor, and even from one lawn and garden show speaker to another! Unfortunately, a number of these practices and “truths” are based mostly on anecdotal evidence, at best, and in some cases long-time marketing ploys that have gone unchallenged. The intent of this presentation is to take a look at a number of common practices with the goal of separating fact from fiction!

Environmental Turf Management and Water Quality

Proper species selection and installation, as well as properly timed cultural practices result in turf that’s more likely to resist infestation by weeds and insects, and infection by disease. This presentation will address the importance of establishing and renovating turf with modern, genetically diverse varieties, as well as maintaining these varieties in such a way as to increase their vigor and ability to resist various pest pressures. A review of the biology of common turf pests will also be provided.

There's No Such Thing as Yard "Waste"

Taking a cue from nature, this presentation explores our options for reducing, and hopefully in some instances eliminating the removal of organic material including twigs, stems and small branches, spent annuals and perennials, grass clippings and tree leaves. Not only can these materials be put to good use in our lawns, landscapes and gardens, it's the environmentally responsible thing to do!

Landscaping With Spring-Flowering Bulbs

We're all familiar with tulips and daffodils. However, did you know there are early season, mid-season and late-season blooming varieties of both? You'll also learn which spring-flowering bulbs bloom in mid-February and which don't bloom until late May or early June - and that it may not be necessary to make special preparations when planting bulbs in your garden!

Recommended Plants for Central New York Landscapes

It's time to move beyond Norway maple trees, yews, junipers, burning bush, sandcherry, hosta and daylilies. This presentation will introduce you to more than thirty trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials that add interest to your landscape every month of the year - and need very little care from you!

Please, Don't Kill Your Landscape!

Many landscape plants are killed with kindness and old-fashioned planting and pruning techniques. In this presentation, you'll learn how 21st century research is changing the way landscape plantings are installed and maintained.

Diagnosing Problems in the Landscape

Why do the leaves drop from your crabapple trees every summer? Will Japanese beetles kill your roses? And, where should you be looking for grubs in your lawn. This presentation will help you become a "super sleuth" in your own backyard!

Ornamental Grasses for New York Landscapes

Few plants are more graceful or more versatile in the landscape. In this presentation I'll introduce you to about twenty of my favorites and help you develop a plan for incorporating them into your landscape and gardens.

Composting - Doing What Comes Naturally

You can't stop, so learn how to manage it to your landscape and garden's benefit during this presentation.

Landscaping for Wildlife

Wildlife have four basic needs. You learn what they are and how to incorporate them into your landscape and garden during this presentation.

Soils and Your Lawn, Landscape & Garden - Out of Site, Out of Mind

Though it may be out of sight, it shouldn't be out of mind. This presentation will help you understand how the soil conditions on your property may be helping - or hurting your lawn, landscape and garden.

Let’s Get Growing!

This presentation provides a brief overview of caring for almost every plant in your landscape and garden - as well as inside your home, too!

Less is More - Pruning Trees and Shrubs in Your Landscape

Pruning correctly involves more than simply taking a set of hedge shears to every plant in your landscape. In this presentation you'll learn how "selective" pruning techniques can improve the appearance and health of plants in your landscape - while maybe reducing the need for pruning in the future?

After The Storm - Taking Advantage of New Opportunities

Severe weather does happen - as evidenced by the ice and wind storms that struck Central New York and the North Country in 1998. While damage wrought by these storms can be devastating, they often create opportunities for developing stunning landscapes and gardens - if you're open to them!

Bold Landscape Design for Reduced Maintenance

Based on the landscape plantings I created and installed in downtown Syracuse (see my Urban Plaza and Urban Thoroughfare landscape descriptions), this presentation will introduce you to the "New American Garden" style of landscape design.