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Vegetable and Herb Gardening

You don't need to spend a fortune on a fancy fenced-in enclosure for your garden to enjoy fresh tomatos from a plant or two in containers on your patio!Many years ago, most people had at least a small vegetable garden. And, behind more than a few homes, entire backyards were devoted to growing vegetables for eating fresh during the growing season - and especially for canning and freezing so that vegetables could be enjoyed throughout the winter months.

That, of course, was before inexpensive overnight shipping made it possible to purchase fresh, high-quality vegetables from every corner of the world at ridiculously low prices year-round in practically every grocery store in North America!

Cherry tomatos are a great choice for growing in containers on a deck or patio.Now, it's estimated that fewer than one in ten households participate in vegetable gardening.

This is a real shame given the incredible diversity of vegetables that are available from local greenhouses as seedling transplants, and/or from mailorder seed catalogs.

Plus, there's no need to commit your entire backyard to growing vegetables that your family can enjoy from April through November - and maybe even into December?

So, click on the links at right for answers to some of your most basic vegetable gardening questions!