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How to Prune Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Please, never do this! If you have to leave the ground to prune anything in your landscape, call a professional!I'm most often asked about lawn care issues. However, questions about pruning trees, shrubs, and vines runs a fairly close second!

The reason for this is that we just don't understand how large many plants become over time.

A classic example of this is the use of burning bush in foundation plantings. They look great when they first go into the ground, but become hard to keep small in just a few years because they want to grow . . . . . . fifteen to twenty feet tall and wide!

So, the question becomes, "when can I prune," followed by, "how far back can I prune?"

Sound familiar?

So, if you have questions regarding pruning plants in your landscape that have gotten out-of-hand, and I'll bet you do, click on those at right for an answer!

(By the way, please, PLEASE don't ever stand on a ladder while operating a gas-powered hedge trimmer, as the gentleman in the picture at the top of this page is doing! In fact, if you ever need to leave the ground to prune anything, call in the services of a New York State Nursery & Landscape Association Certified Nursery Professional, or International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist.)